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ISGR Overview

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Islamic Society of Greater Richmond (ISGR) is located in the western part of metropolitan Richmond, Virginia (West End). Metropolitan Richmond includes the city of Richmond, which is the state capital of Virginia, located in the Southeast region of United States and about 100 miles from Washington, DC.

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ISGR rents two office buildings at 6324 and 6326 Rigsby Road to provide islamic worship services, (Jummah or Friday Services, daily five prayers, comprehensive Ramadan activities). Eid-ul-Adha Prayer and Sacrifice Services ISGR collects Zakat (obligatory charity) and Sadaqa (voluntary charity). ISGR then evaluates the financial aid request on an as needed basis, and usually distributes the charity immediately. ISGR also cooperates with other Masajid to provide assistance to the needy people. Islamic Charity Zakat Maal Fitra Sadaqa Facebook Page

ISGR offers Sunday School for children to learn Qur’an, Hadith, history, Islamic studies, manners, prayers, and much more. ISGR Sunday School Facebook Group ISGR has been giving Daawah (outreach) and continues to provide information on Islam to Non-Muslim visitors, and journalists. Responds to inquiries through the phone and Email. ISGR have conducted many Shahadah ceremonies (formal entrance into Islam) and provides orientations for new Muslims. New to Islam Facebook Page . Have prison Daawah (outreach) program.

ISGR cooperates with other Masajid (plural of Masjid Muslim house of worship) to provide funeral services including washing the deceased, prayer, and burial services.

ISGR also have strong community presence with sophisticated telephone system, web site, ISGR Web Site and active facebook pages. ISGR Main Facebook Page.  Provides information on Islamic Lunar Calendar. Islamic Months and Moonsightings Facebook Page. Also provides guidance on Halal and Haram Foods in islam. Halal and Haram Foods in islam Facebook Page

ISGR cooperates with local Imams to conduct Islamic Weddings, Matrimonial  Islamic Marriage and Matrimonial Facebook Page and marriage and Islamic counseling. Private Islamic Counseling and Information Facebook Page . Provides relief to the refugees.

ISGR started Muslim Yellow Pages to connect the businesses to Muslim community. Muslim Yellow Pages Facebook Pages. Started GlobalMart, a store next door to ISGR offering Islamic products, grocery, Friday lunch, and much more. Globalmart Facebook Page Online Globalmart Store

ISGR also started the new Masjid project at 5000 Shady Grove Road, Glen Allen VA 23059 Visit West End Islamic Center for latest updates.

Monthly or one time donations will help support the services offered by ISGR.  It will helps us to pay rent and bills.  Any amount will help.  How to support ISGR


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