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ISGR Needs Your Support

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Where We Need Your Support:

1.  Maintenance: Expenses at 6324 & 6326 Rigsby Road (Current Location) $4,000 per month

2.  Zakat ul Maal / Zakat ul Fitr  / Sadaqa : Funds for the Needy  

3.  Ramadan: Expenses of Ramadan activities including Iftar, Hafiz for Taraweeh etc.

4.  Prison Daawah (Outreach): Qur'ans, Islamic literature, Prayer Calendars, and other expenses.

5.  ISGR New Masjid: Cost of land, construction, county approval process, and other related expenses.

6. Islamic Education: Teaching, including Sunday school for children and classes for adults.

7. Eid-ul-Adha: For expenses related to Eid prayer and Sacrifice at a Farm.

8. Funeral Fund: Funeral and Burial Funds for the Needy.

9. ISGR Learning Center: Expenses related to Learning Center Maintenance.


How to Support:


1. One time check $        

2. Post dated checks each for $        

Write checks payable to ISGR.  

Visit and Drop the check in the Donation Boxes or Mail the check to ISGR Mailing Address. 

3. Cash in ISGR Donation Boxes or at various Muslim Businesses in Donation Cans for ISGR New Masjid.

4. Online Donation: Click here to instantly send donation from your bank account or from debit/credit cards.  All transactions are hosted on a third party secure servers.








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