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Zakat Form


Fill-in Zakat Form AH  

Zakat Form AH (Instructions)

This form uses the Gold and Silver prices in New York USA as of Friday September 22, 2006 as market was closed on Sunday September 24, 2006 the official starting date for Ramadan 1427 AH.  Please use the following chart for latest prices:

[Most Recent Quotes from]   [Most Recent Quotes from]

You can use this Fill-in form to calculate the Zakat for Ramadan in North America (for other areas, you need to use local gold & silver prices).  Unless you have faster Internet access, please save the above pdf files on your hard drive and then open it.  You will need version 5.0 or above of Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the zakat form.  We recommend that you complete the form, then print it before closing Acrobat Reader.  If you need the capability to save information on your computer, you will need Adobe Acrobat Approval or the full Adobe Acrobat product.


Disclaimer:  Zakat form is only a guide and work in progress, please use it according to your school of thought.






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