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Taqwa-Fear of Allah

From Ibn Juzayy's Tafseer

Ibn Juzayy said in his dictionary of terms from the introduction to his tafsir:

"Taqwa's meaning is fear, clinging to obedience to Allah and abandoning disobedience to Him. It is the sum of all good."

And in his commentary:

We will discuss taqwa in three sections.

First section:

Concerning its benefits derived from the Qur'an, and they are fifteen:

Second Section

There are ten things which awaken taqwa:

"You disobey God while you make apparent that you love Him,

          This, by my life, in analogy is a marvel.

If your love were sincere you would obey Him,

          Truly, the lover towards the one he loves is obedient."

And to Allah be attributed the good of the one who said:

"She said, and she had asked about the state of her lover,

          'For Allah's sake, describe him and do not omit nor exceed!'

I said, 'If he had feared death from thirst,

          and you had said, "Stop! don't approach the water!" then he would not have approached.'"

The Third Section

There are five degrees of taqwa:

That ends what Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi wrote on taqwa.

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