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Ramadan 1439 A.H./ 2018 C.E. Activities


In North America, based on Moon Sighting Ramadan started from Thursday May 17, 2018.

Ramadan 2018 Prayer Calendar    Need Free Adobe Acrobat Reader To report problems, please contact ISGR

Please note that the Ramadan calendar is for metro Richmond area. The prayer timings for your location may be different.

Brother Maulana Ajmal Agha, Hafiz M. Abdul-Fattaah and a volunteer hafiz will lead the Ramadan activities at ISGR.  Please visit us again for more updates. 

Ramadan 2018 Qur'an Recitation Schedule     Qur'an Chapter Info (9 K) Need Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Zakat Calculator (2006 Version Enter Information to calculate Zakat)

Daily Taraweeh Program 
Ishaa' prayer
10:00 PM
Taraweeh 15 Min After Ishaa
School No School During Ramadan


Special Activities During Last Ten Days of Ramadan (QIYAM-UL-LAIL

(Check Again for Updates)


For more information on Ramadan activities at ISGR, please visit:

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