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Ramadan 1423 A.H./ 2002 C.E. Activities


Outline of Ramadan Activities(pdf) Needs Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Ramadan activities were open to public, please call (804) 673-4177 or Email at, if you like to attend.


Mashallah (by grace of Allah) Brother Yusuf Goolam Hoosen from South Africa and Brother Zakaria Omar led the Ramadan activities at Islamic Society of Greater Richmond (ISGR).

Both brothers are Hafiz-ul-Qur'an and scholars of Qur'an and Sunnah.  They were responsible for leading regular prayers, Taraweeh, Qur'an and Sunnah talks, teaching in Sunday School etc.  During Ramadan, brothers are available for consultation.    Additional brothers were available for teaching, daily talks, and leading special prayers.

In North America, Ramadan started on Wednesday November 06, 2002.  For more information, visit Islamic Calendar.

Ramadan 1423 Prayers Timings (1.0 MB)       Ramadan 1423 Qur'an Recitation Schedule (7 K)

You will need Free Acrobat Reader to view or print these files.  First save the files on your Hard Drive and then print or view the files using the Acrobat reader.

 Daily Taraweeh Program
Ishaa' Azan 7:30 pm
Talk on Qur'an 7:40 pm
Ishaa' prayer 7:45 pm
Taraweeh 8:00 pm
Talk on Islam 9:00 pm
Sunday School 10:30 am - 1:45 pm

Night Prayers (QIYAM-UL-LAIL)

Evening (Ishaa) prayers 7:30 pm
Special Ramadan Evening (Taraweeh) Prayer 8:00 pm
Lecture 9:15 pm
Snack and Refreshments 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm
Open Time: Sleep, Individual Prayer 11:00 pm
Tahajjud Prayers Part I 4:00 am
Tahajjud Prayers Part II 4:30 am
Breakfast (Suhr) 5:00 am
Morning (Fajr) Prayer 6:00 am












Mashallah, ISGR had many activities during Ramadan 1423 A.H.  Many joined us for daily breakfast (Suhr) and dinner (Iftar) prepared by local families.  ISGR visited other Mosques and Islamic schools after every Friday prayer during Ramadan.  Group of brothers visited a sick Muslim at a local hospital on Friday Nov 8, 2002.  They visited Islamic Center of Virginia on Nov 15, 2002.  Following Friday Nov 22. 2002, some brothers visited Masjid Bilal.  Brothers from ISGR visited Islamic Home Schooling Academy and Masjidullah on Thursday Nov 28, 2002.

Sisters at ISGR were very active during Ramadan in teaching, halaqa (study circle), setting up Iftar, and organized a  Eid Bazaar (pdf format flyer) on Sunday Dec 1, 2002 from 1:30 PM till 7:00 PM.

On 25th (Friday November 29, 2002) and 27th (Sunday December 1, 2002) night of Ramadan , we had SALAT-UL-TASBEEH or PRAYER FOR GLORIFICATION after the regular Taraweeh prayers.  Qur'an recitation was completed on Tuesday December 3rd (29th night of Ramadan).

Additional special programs during last ten days of Ramadan.

For more information on the activities during previous years, check 1422 AH Ramadan, 1421 AH Ramadan and 1420 AH Ramadan activities.  Listen to sample Taraweeh and lectures during the Ramadan at our Multimedia Center.


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