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Muslim Yellow Pages


Cover Page (pdf)


Muslims in metro Richmond belongs to all walks of life and ethnicity. Bringing them together continues to be a challenge; only Islam can bring unity and harmony in our community.

Every day we lined up shoulder to shoulder to perform the congregational prayers. Yet this principle of unity and harmony is lost when it comes to supporting our fellow Muslims.

Many of our Masajid, Islamic organizations, and Muslim businesses, are suffering financially. The essential products and services in our community may not be available if they continue to suffer.

So, do your Islamic duty and show your support. Shop at Muslim businesses and offer your services to Masajid and Islamic organizations so they can better serve the community.

We need your support to make MUSLIM YELLOW PAGES a success. Please send your advertisements for 2006 ANNUAL ISSUE of Muslim yellow pages.

Advertisement Order Form (pdf)

May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts to bring unity and harmony in the community of Muslims.









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