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Making Connections
Book on Hadith


This book is for you if:

You find it difficult to practice Islām.

You are faced with many problems living in Western countries.

You feel uncomfortable at home, at school, at work.

You feel social and cultural pressure from peers.

You are confused on many issues regarding Halāl and Harām.

You need specific and short answers in a hurry.

You need an open and candid opinion.

A must for all Islāmic schools !


Khwaja Muhammad Siddique is an educator possessing a considerably long and broad range of experience in various fields of education. As a classroom teacher, he has efficiently taught various subjects; as Headmaster of secondary schools, he supervised and guided teachers; as Principal of the Teachers Training Institute, he turned out hundreds of trained teachers; and as District Inspector of schools, he performed duties to enhance the education system as well as provide guidance to make learning fun and exciting through new, innovative methods. He is the author of over two dozens secondary school's textbooks and story books for the children. He has used his life-long experiences in bringing out a series of graded text books on Hadīth based on age and cognitive and intellect level.

Abdul-Majid Khan is the Director of the Islāmic Education Foundation. Educated in the United States, for the past 40 years he has lived and taught in Islāmic weekend schools in Arizona, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Virginia. He has also lived and worked in Saudi Arabia from 1982 to 1988. In 1993, he was selected as one of the Outstanding American Leaders and Successful Business Executive by Whos Who in America. In this book, Making Connections, Dr. Khan has addressed the problems our young Muslims face today and presented solutions from the Sunnah of the Prophet (S).

 How to order this Book

1. Get it from ISGR, Directions.

2.  Send your check to ISGR, and we will mail you the book.

Cost: USD $9.95 each, upto 60% discount on larger quantity

For more info contact Abdul-Majid Khan or ISGR  







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