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by Shermin Akhtar

Allah (Arabic name for God) is One.  He alone and none besides Him is worthy of worship.  He has no partner.   Nothing is hidden from Him.  He even knows the thoughts that go into in our mind.  He is most powerful.  He created the earth, the skies, the sun, the moon, stars, the angles, the human beings, basically whole universe. He gives life and can take life.  He gives sustenance to all creations.  He does not eat, drink, or sleep.   He is forever and will exist forever.  He was not created by anyone.  He does not have any parents, wife, or children.  He does not depend on anyone.  He resembles none.  He is free from all faults.  He does not have eyes, nose, or a body like that of human beings. We should therefore pray to Him for all our needs.














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