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15 Prophets from Qur'an
By Fahmida Mujeeb


1) Adam (pbuh) was the first man created by Allah.  He was created to live on earth.

2) Nuh (pbuh) was a prophet who lived many years after Adam (pbuh).  The people with whom Nuh (pbuh) lived refused to listen to him.

3) Hud (pbuh) lived among the people of Ad, he was chosen by Allah as His prophet. "Allah has sent me to you," Hud (pbuh) said to his people. "Allah has taught you all that you are able to do. He has also given you children and many animals.  Therefore you should stop worshipping your false gods. Worship only Allah (swt) and obey His commands.  Do good and do not commit wrongs and evil. Listen to what I say, for if you do not, I fear that a punishment will come upon you."

4) Worship only Allah, Salih (pbuh) told his people. "You have no other god apart from Allah, so you should do good.  I am giving you good advice: You should believe what I say, for Allah has made me His Prophet."

5) Ibrahim (pbuh) was a great prophet.  When he was young, he lived among people who refused to worship Allah.  Instead they prayed to other things, among them idols which they had made themselves.

6) Prophet Lut (pbuh) and his family lived among very evil and disobedient people.  These people did many things which Allah had forbidden. So Allah commanded Lut (pbuh) to tell them: You must stop doing evil and believe in Allah.  Allah has sent me to warn you of a terrible punishment that is going to befall you if you do not obey Him.

7) Allah has sent a prophet to every people.  Prophet Shu’aib (pbuh) was sent to the people of Madyan. These people, who were merchants and traders, were also called forest dwellers because they lived near a thick forest.

Shu’aib (pbuh) said to them: You should pray to Allah Who has created you.  You should not cheat other people who come to buy from you.

8) Yusuf (pbuh) had eleven brothers.  Ten were older than him, and one was younger.   Yusuf (pbuh) was a very good and handsome boy and his father Yaqub (pbuh) loved him very much.  Unfortunately, this made his eleven brothers jealous, so they decided to get rid of Yusuf (pbuh).  One day, they took Yusuf (pbuh) to a deep well and threw him into it.  Then, they took Yusuf (pbuh)’s shirt and soaked it in sheep’s blood.  They showed the shirt to their father and said to him, "Our brother Yusuf is dead. A wolf has eaten him."

9) It was at this dangerous time that the baby Musa (pbuh) was born. Allah sent a message to his mother, telling her to place little Musa (pbuh) in a small basket and put the basket on the river. That way, Musa (pbuh) would escape the dreadful fate which Pharaoh had decreed.

10) Prophet Yunus (pbuh) was sent by Allah to a big town where the people had forgotten Allah’s orders and did many things which Allah had forbidden.  You should believe only in Allah and obey only Him, Yunus told them.  You should worship Him alone and do good, otherwise a severe punishment will come upon you!

11) Dawud (pbuh) could also sing very well. He sang to praise and honor Allah.  These songs, which Dawud (pbuh) had learned from the angels, were written down in a book called Zabur.  Allah had revealed this book, Zabur, to Dawud (pbuh), just as He had revealed to Musa (pbuh) the book which is called Taurat.

12) Sulaiman (pbuh) was the son of Dawud (pbuh).

13) Zakariya (pbuh) and his wife were very old, and to their sorrow they did not have any children. They wanted very much to have a son, so Zakariya (pbuh) prayed to Allah: Let my wife and I have a son before we die.

As Zakariya (pbuh) was saying his prayer, an angel of Allah appeared.  You have prayed to Allah and Allah has heard your prayer, the angel told him. Your wife will have a son and his name will be Yahya (pbuh).  He will be a good and honourable man and he will be Allah’s prophet.

14) The mother of Prophet Isa (pbuh) was called Maryam(sa).  Some people also call her Mary(sa). She was a very pious woman and once, an angel of Allah came to her and said: Soon you will have a son.  But how can I have a son? Maryam(sa) asked. I have no husband.  The angel replied: Allah is almighty. when He wishes something, then it will happen.  You will have a son, and his name shall be Isa, and he will be a great prophet of Allah(swt).

When Isa (pbuh) was born, Maryam(sa) was on her own.  She was very sad and hungry, for she had nothing to eat.  But Allah came to her aid.  He made a stream flow and a tree with nourishing fruits grew in the place where Maryam lived. Now, she would not have to suffer thirst and hunger.

15) Muhammad (pbuh) was the last prophet.  Allah had given Muhammad(pbuh) a book, which is called the Quran.  All the stories about the prophets which you have now read can be found in the Quran.  In the Quran is also written what you should do and what you are not allowed to do.

Muhammad (pbuh) was the last prophet because Allah gave him the Quran and all that we must know about Allah can be found in the Quran.  Everybody can look in the Quran to discover what he should do. Therefore, there is no need for another prophet after Muhammad(pbuh).

Muhammad(pbuh), like the other prophets, told the people: You should worship only Allah.  Allah has created you, He has made plants and animals so that you can eat of them.  He made the earth, sky, water, air and the day and the night for you.  So be grateful to Him and do good.

















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