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Sunday School Curriculum
Arabic Qur'an Reading


This reading program will only be available to students age 5+, who attend regularly. Students who miss three consecutive classes will be advised to join the next 12 week session. Each class session will be 75 minutes. Ten students is the limit for each teacher.

  • Beginner Level: Within the duration of 12 weeks, each student will be able to recognize and read Arabic letters in the connected form with fathah, kasrah, dhammah, and sukuun. Upon graduation, students will be ready for the Intermediate level (Insha Allah).

  • Intermediate Level: Within 12 weeks, students will be able to read short, connected Arabic letters with tanween and tashdeed. Students will start reading with tajwid by recognizing long vowels, madd and silent letters. Upon graduation, each student will be able to read Quran efficiently (Insha Allah).

  • Advanced Level: Each student will learn to study with a deeper understanding of the tajwid, and will refine their reading skills.

Curriculum for Beginner Level:

Reference Book: Toward Learning Quran (yellow book)

Method: “Look and Say” (Not the “spelling method”) Students will be taught to recognize four letters initially and then an additional three letters consecutively. The student must understand that fathah is a short vowel “a,” kasrah a short vowel “i” and dhammah a short vowel “u.” He/she must also understand that sukuun means “to join.” Teachers must act as facilitators so that students will do the work.

For homework, students are expected to perform writing exercises using a worksheet, sounding the letters out as they write. Each student must be required to buy the reference book. Homework should be completed on loose-leaf notebook paper.

Lesson Plan:

Week 1: (pg. 1a, 1b) Homework: practice writing and sounding out

Week 2 (pg. 2, 3) Homework: practice writing and sounding out

Week 3: (pg. 4, 5) Homework: practice writing and sounding out (pgs. 6-7)

Week 4: (pg. 8-10) Homework: practice writing and sounding out

Week 5: (pg. 11-13) Homework: practice writing and sounding out pgs. 14-15

Week 6: (pg. 16-18) Homework: pgs. 19-21

Week 7: (pg. 22-24) Homework: pg. 25

Week 8: (pg. 26-28) Homework: pgs. 29-30

Week 9: (pg. 31-33) Homework: pgs. 34-36

Week 10: Introduction to Kasrah (pg. 37-39) Homework: pgs. 40-41

Week 11: Introduction to Dhammah (pg. 47-49) Homework: pgs. 50-51

Week 12: Introduction to Sukuun (pg. 59-61) Homework: pgs. 71-72

Exam: The student will graduate to the next level upon passing the test. Otherwise, he/she will be advised to repeat.

Intermediate Level Curriculum:

Reference Book: Toward Reading Quran (blue book)

As a prerequisite, students must pass entry test or graduate from basic level.

For homework, students need to practice writing the material covered each week. Students will be advised to sound the letter out while writing. Lesson Plan for Intermediate Level:

Week 1: Introduction to tanween (pg. 4-7)

Week 2: Review tanween (pg. 8-9)

Week 3: Introduction to tashdeed (pg.10-11)

Week 4: Review tanween and tashdeed (pg. 12, 13, 14)

Week 5: Long vowel: Alif and long fathah (pg.15-17, pg. 30-31)

Week 6: Long vowel: Wow and inverted dhammah (pg.18-20, 34-35)

Week 7: Long vowel: “Ya” and long kasrah (pg. 21-23, 33)

Week 8: Review Tanween, Tashdeed and long vowels (pg. 24-25)

Week 9: Silent Letter (pg. 26-29, 36-38)

Week 10: The name “Allah” (pg. 32)

Week 11: Small Madd, Big Madd (pg. 39-41)

Week 12: Recognize stopping (waqaf) (pg.42)

Exam: The student will graduate upon achieving a passing grade. Those who do not pass will be advised to repeat the level.

Program for Memorizing Surah and Tafsir

(This will be part of Islamic studies)


For regular students and visiting students


Students will be able to recite the juzuk Amma surahs by memorization, as well as know the meaning of the surah and lessons that are taught in the surahs. They will also be able to identify some common Arabic words used in the Quran with the translation. (Insha Allah).

Tafsir Reference Book:________________________________________________

Duration for each level will be 12 weeks with 40 minutes for each lesson.

Lesson Plan for Memorization and Tafsir:

Beginning Al-Fatiha An-Nas Al-Ikhlas Al-Falaq Al-Masad Al-Kawthar Al-Nasr

Intermediate Al-Maun Al-Quraish Al-Fiil Al-Humazah At-Takasur Al-Qariah Al-Asr

Advanced Al-Adiyah Az-Zalzalah Al-Bayinnah Al-Qadar Al-Alaq At-Tin

Islamic Studies: (duration 30 max):

One speaker to give talk to everybody. Teachers can do reports or prepare material for next class during this time or correct homework material.

Visiting Student's policy:

  • attend memorization and Islamic studies classes only

  • will be unable to participate in reading classes, but allowed to sit and listen, or work quietly
  • parents of visiting students should be informed that the teachers are unable to work with their child to help them catch up on missed material and that graduation certificates are only available to regular students.

Performance Report:

Each student will be awarded five points for each class session. Points will be deducted (as demerit system) if student does not meet any of the following requirements:

  • point for tardiness; “late” qualifies as more than ten minutes after class starts
  • point for not submitting or completing homework
  • point for disruptive conduct in class or for not following instructions.
  • point for inappropriate attire (short sleeves for girls, shorts for boys)
  • point for not understanding material; showing confusion or cannot keep up with class performance. ( Children with learning disabilities should be noted!!!)

Teachers are expected to submit the awarded points of each student after each class to be recorded. Parents will receive the progress report from the chart drawn from the points and comments from the teachers every four weeks. Each student must pass the final exam in order to graduate and proceed into the next level.


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