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Children's Corner

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What Islam Means by Minhaj uddin, Zubair Hossain

What is Islam? by Yazeed Osman

Five Pillars of Islam by Minhaj Uddin

Allah by Sharmin Akhter

Fasting by Safiya Sharif Ali

The Foreign Exchange Student by Lalleh Rafeei

99 Attributes of Allah by Farhana Mujib

15 Prophets from Qur'an by Fahmida Mujib

Links to Other Children Sites

Barakah Stories, poems, coloring, puzzles etc.

Bismillah Site just for children, islamic info, articles, links to other children's site.

Children's Playrooms Very colorful, puzzles, activities, articles.

Islam Children Handbook Info on basic faith, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), praying.

NoorArt Bookstore for children of all ages, books,audio,video,puzzles,toys, software etc.









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