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Islamic Garden
Greenwood Memorial Gardens
12609 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, Virginia Directions


In 1988, the Islamic Center of Virginia (ICVA) signed a contract with Greenwood Memorial Garden (GMG) to establish a section of the cemetery for Muslims in Central Virginia, known as "The Islamic Garden". GMG is located on Route 6, Patterson Avenue about 7 miles west of Parham Road West. Any Muslim may be buried here. All burial spaces are designed according to Islamic law, i.e., facing the Qibla. The Muslim area is in a separate section (west side of cemetery), bounded by markers along the perimeter with a central passage where a memorial with the verses from the Qur'an may be erected. 40 burial spaces were purchased initially with an option to purchase 40 additional spaces in three years. An additional area was reserved for use with a provision to expand in future. ICVA exercised the option and bought 40 additional spaces at a substantial discount. The members of the Muslim community with deeds to be issued by ICVA have purchased some of these spaces.

Riverview cemetery section for Muslim is maintained by the management with no additional cost to Islamic Center of Virginia or the Muslim community. Discount for the opening/closing (10%), vaults (15%), and memorial markers (10%) from the prevailing prices are guaranteed by the cemetery. All burial vaults and/or markers to be installed can be purchased by the person responsible for payment from cemetery or Bennett Funeral Home (BFH) or Creative Stone, (a Muslim Business) 6610 Midlothian Turnpike.

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