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Hajj Forum
Saturday May 13, 2000


Imams, scholars, hajis, administrators, and other Muslims from all area Mosques joined together to discuss the issues related to Hajj/Umrah.


Click to see Bigger Image The Hajj forum start with the video on Hajj. Br. Maurice Kariem, who recently went for Hajj explained different aspects of the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia (Hajj).
After the video, hot and spicy barbeque dinner was served.  Click to see Bigger Image
Click to see Bigger Image Brothers and sisters enjoyed the dinner until Maghrib time.

After Maghrib prayer, Hajj discussion started at 8:30 pm and lasted until 10:00 pm, just before Ishaa prayer.   Following is the audio version of the forum, which was edited for Internet.  To listen, you will need a sound card and a Real Player.

Complete Discussion (74:85 min) 


Recitation of Qur'an, Br. Sharif Ali Hashim (1:49 min) 

English Translation (2:41 min)

Opening Remarks, Br. Tariq Jangda Islamic Society of Greater Richmond (ISGR) (0.35 min) 

Sr. Suraiya Wasti (3:36 min) 

Sr.  Rabiyah Khaliq (0.52 min) 

Questions/Answers from Audience (6:38 min)
Read by Br. Charles Abdel-Alim, Answered by Br. Malik Khan & Br. Maurice Kariem

Br. Salah Asad, Former President Islamic Center of Virginia (ICVA) (4.13 min)

More Questions/Answers (4.11 min)
Read and Answered by Br. Maurice Kariem & Br. Salah Asad

Br. Tariq Jangda, ISGR (3.52 min) 

Br. Greg Abdus Salaam, Imam Masjid Bilal (4.04 min) 

Br. Qamarul Islam, Current President of ICVA (5.04 min)

Br. Tariq Jangda, ISGR (0.53 min) 

Br. Raja Abdul Rashid, Chairman BOT ICVA (2.37 min)

Br. Malik Khan (15.11 min)

Br. Maurice Kariem, Ameer Eid Committee (6.44 min)

Br. Omar Al-Amin (2.24 min)

Br. Aboelanayn Shokil (1.05 min)

Br. Marvin Vines (3.58 min)

Br. Bin Saad Mohammed, Imam Islamic Center of Prince Edward (3.13 min)

More Q&A, Concluding Remarks, Br. Tariq Jangda, ISGR (5.05 min)












Islamic Society of Greater Richmond (ISGR)